Founder and Director of LSSC

April 22, 2017

Li-Shan High School Computer Science Club, A.K.A. LSSC.


Facebook Page: LSSC 麗山星創電腦科學研究社

The main mission of LSSC is to collect students that have an interest in Computer related subjects, I believe that humanity is more powerful together, grouping students with the same interest would speed up the learning speed and do something great, that is the goal.

In the beginning, LSSC isn’t an official club that is open to the public, it was my first year in the school, right after I enter the school, I immediately start to collect people the can help me to found the club.

In the seconds year of my high school life, LSSC had been registered officially, by working hard to publicize the club, we got about 30 students.

May be an image of 11 people and people smiling

In the last year of my high school life, LSSC grows up to one of the most popular clubs in the school, it is also the time I retired from my director role.

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